Rayleigh Dog Training

Rayleigh Dog Training

Dog training & behaviour in Rayleigh

Online Dog Training
Online Dog Training
Event Dogs is offering a range of online services to help you. Some are general help and support with training and behaviour, and some are specifically to help you during this lockdown period.

Private lessons via Skype / Facetime / Facebook Messenger
(Special Reduced Lockdown Price to help you at this time)
Private training and behaviour - £15 per 30 mins with Christina (payable by BACS direct bank transfer) We’ll test the connection before your first appointment and then payment will be due before your session. Please
message us to arrange.

Online Courses
We have been contacted by a number of puppy owners who are really struggling to bring up their puppy during this lockdown period. We’re currently putting all of our puppy course (plus a range of extras) into an online course to help you. Next, we will be looking at what we can do to help our other clients (new and old!) to follow their courses online. Please
message us if you’re interested and we’ll let you know when they’re ready.

Zoom Classes
We’re currently looking into being able to run classes for small groups of you via Zoom. Please
message us if you are interested in joining in.

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You are also very welcome to join our Facebook
group for help, support (and fun!)

FREE Videos (Event Dogs UK YouTube Channel)
We’re making them free to help you. If you like them and would like to give something back all we ask is for you to ‘like’ them and share them. You may also wish to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you get the latest updates with our videos.
Scatter Feeding
Separation anxiety, kids and dogs, lockdown routine
More being added…