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  • About Event Dogs

    In 2004 Christina founded ICC (Ichthus Canine Centre) Dog Training centre in Lincolnshire. It was built upon the principles of ethical reward-based training and treating both dogs and people with kindness and respect. This centre then grew to include 5 training centres across Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire and Nottinghamshire each with their own centre manager, and Christina's role changed to become Head of Training and Behaviour. These centres continued to grow and ended up with their own areas of expertise but still continued to uphold the original values of ICC. Members of the team included vets, behaviourists, vet nurses, a canine massage and physiotherapist, and teachers, and centres had Kennel Club Listed Status. Team members also included members of the APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers UK,) UKRCB (UK Registry of Canine Behaviourists,) and the APBC (Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors.)

    As well as weekly training classes and behavioural consultations ICC also offered workshops and seminars with some of the best trainers and behaviourists in their fields in the UK, becoming known as somewhere that offered excellent training at low prices.

    In 2018 Christina moved down to Essex by which point ICC had grown and developed to such a point that the individual centres were encouraged to become independent whilst retaining their strong links of friendship and working together.

    Christina felt by this stage that she was ready for a new challenge, and Event Dogs was born. Event Dogs continues to be based upon the same ethics and excellence of ICC but specialises in workshops, seminars, training days and holidays. It works closely with many of the instructors and centre managers of ICC whilst opening the doors to other friends and trainers Christina has met over the years. Christina also continues to offer regular dog training in Rayleigh, Essex.

  • The Team
    • Christina - Founder & Head Trainer
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      As well as having a huge amount of experience of training firstly pet dogs and owners and then dog training instructors (see above) Christina is an HTM specialist. She is a two time Crufts HTM Freestyle Finalist and twice British Team member for the HTM Open European Championships (Holland & Germany.) She is a fully qualified advanced Kennel Club HTM judge in both heelwork and freestyle. She has also trained and competed in agility and obedience.

      Christina has learnt from a wide variety of speakers and courses over the last 16 years. More than anything though, she has learnt from the couple of thousand dogs that she has helped to train, and maintains that new dog trainers need both education and experience. (This was something that she offered as Head of Training and Behaviour with ICC's apprenticeship programme that lasted several years with ongoing training and support.)

      Christina's approach to training dogs is to take time to build a relationship with them, rewarding what we do want them to do, not trying to punish what we don't want. Training is reward-based, built upon the theory of clicker training, and aimed at helping dogs and owners to understand each other. (She doesn't believe that we should raise spoilt, pushy dogs however, and believes that they need love and boundaries!)

      • Courses attended
        • Jo Tristram - Agility training
        • Gemma Mogridge - Dog Parkour
        • Gemma Mogridge - Intro to Gun Dog training
        • Jo Hill - Regular training
        • Moira Oakford (Mantrailing Scent Dogs) - Mantrailing
        • Chirag Patel - Aggression

        • Chirag Patel - Impulse Control
        • Sarah Whitehead webinar - Aggression
        • Jo Hill - Competitive Obedience, precision training, drive, and play
        • Richard Curtis - KC HTM Judge's theory and practical seminars
        • Kath Hardman - KC HTM Competition Organiser's Seminar

        • Kath Hardman - KC HTM Judging - Rules and regulations seminar
        • Kath Hardman - KC HTM Judging - Theory and Practical
        • Louise - The dancing of HTM
        • Greg Derrett - Agility Handling
        • Jo Tristram and Anthony Clark - Agility training
        • Greg Derrett, Anthony Clarke, Shaun Hunt and Jo Tristram - Clear Qs Agility Camps 1 & 2
        • Jo Tristram - Agility Training
        • Kath Hardman - KC HTM Practical Judging
        • Kath Hardman - KC HTM Show Management
        • Sue Sternberg – Arousal and Aggression in Agility
        • Sue Sternberg – Body Language and Bull Breeds
        • Sue Sternberg – Bite-O-Meter and Modifying Assess-A-Pet for Private Use.
        • Gina Pink - KC Requirements of an HTM Judge (passed the HTM judge's exams.)
        • Bob Sharpe – Regular agility training
        • Elizabeth Kershaw – Applied Learning Theory / Clicker Training
        • Dr. Anne McBride PhD - Understanding, Handling and Reducing Aggression in Dogs
        • Attila Szkukalek - Heelwork-to-Music / Canine Freestyle Master-class
        • Paddy Driscoll - Case Studies in Aggression
        • Paddy Driscoll - Square Pegs in Round Holes? (Assessing and matching rescue dogs to the right owners.)
        • Alton Matherne - Understanding and Handling Behavioural Problems in the Rescue Dog
        • Dr. Anne McBride PhD – Equipment used in Training (UK Registry of Canine Behaviour Symposium)
        • Paddy Driscoll – A wolf in Your Living room?
        • Paddy Driscoll – Hark, Hark the Dogs do Bark!
        • Paddy Driscoll – Bringing a Rescue Dog into the Family
        • Paddy Driscoll – Puppies and Adolescence
        • Paddy Driscoll – Breed Showing
        • Jo Hill – Competitive Obedience and Motivating Your Dog (plus regular competitive obedience training with Jo over several years)
        • Richard Curtis – Canine Freestyle and Heelwork-to-Music
        • Attila Szkukalek – Canine Freestyle and Heelwork-to-Music
        • Jill Notley – The Dancing of Dancing with Dogs
        • Sally Hopkins – Dog Games

        2002-2004 (Other)
        • Dolores Palmer - Training your dog to help around the home
        • Sally Hopkins - Stress-Free agility and flyball
        • Scallywags Team -Aggression and Rehabilitation
        • Elizabeth Kershaw - Clicker Training
        • Turid Rugaas - Barking, an intensive study
        • Turid Rugaas - Problem Solving
        • Anne Lill Kvam - Nosework
        • Sandra Lockwood & Alison Rowbotham - Rescue and re-homing

        IDTS 2 year dog training and behaviour course (2002-2004)
        • Communication – calming signals / ethology and instincts, reflexes and stimulation / introduction to stress / people communication / practical: leash techniques for problem solving
        • Stress – the physiology of stress / recognition and causes of stress / the part played by stress in behaviour problems / stress reduction / assessing dogs / practical: handling skills
        • How dogs learn – clicker training / rewards / learning theory / reward systems / puppies and adolescents / practical: fun tasks
        • Training – the science and purpose of training / creativity and logic / practical: set exercises
        • Shaping – training methods; clicker training, shaping theory and practical / scent and nose work / stopping techniques
        • Teamwork in training – relationships – dog and owner / the dog’s viewpoint – life rewards / distractions and their advantages / compromise / practical: extending basic exercises; obstacles
        • Mental stimulation – care and welfare of the dog / the holistic approach – alternatives for owners / creativity / practical: exercises for your dog’s brain, nose work
        • Problem solving – causes, symptoms and consequences of behaviour problems / first steps to solving problems / the canine way of conflict solving / practical: effective intervention and splitting up
        • Instructing – teaching, lecturing and people skills / approach to instructing – flexibility and adaptability / class content / practical: use of games
        • Classes – planning and running classes, expectation and compromise / assessment / enriching the environment / problem owner, problem dog / practical: specific tasks
        • Behaviour Problems – what is a problem? / expectations of client / counselling / therapy and rehabilitation / behaviour modification / diet and medical problems / practical: problem solving
    • Guest Instructors
      • Jo Hill – Competitive Obedience / Dog Sports / Motivation and Play Specialist
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        In our opinion (and many others) Jo Hill is one of the very best in the UK at what she does. She's innovative, creative and constantly evolving her training, which is always based upon clicker training (she was one of the first clicker trainers in the UK.) More than that, she is perhaps known for her 'attitude is everything' mentality of teaching dogs of all breeds to love their work. She teaches play, drive and motivation (and was one of the very first to start doing so in the UK,) and produces dogs that are stylish, committed and a joy to watch working. Jo has competed successfully in competitive obedience and IPO, however perhaps her greatest mark of success are the sheer numbers of other highly successful competitors that have trained with her from Competitive Obedience Crufts Champion, to HTM World Champion, to Working Trails Champions and Schutzhund competitors. On a personal note Christina would say that Jo's training methods took her from being stuck at novice competition level to Crufts Freestyle Finals and International European Championships. Christina has also adapted the methods Jo has taught her to teach pet dogs focus, ignoring distractions and recall (amongst other things.)

      • Lucy Creek – HTM Specialist
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        Lucy is the current Crufts HTM Heelwork Champion, HTM Freestyle Champion, and HTM International Champion, and has won no less than 10 HTM Crufts Championships, coming in the top 3 a further 6 times. She is also the 2017 Open European Championship Freestyle Runner-Up and HTM 3rd place. Not only is she brilliant at HTM and how to prepare dogs for competition but she is also a wonderfully enthusiastic, creative and encouraging instructor and we are delighted to welcome her as part of the Event Dogs Guest Instructor Team. Lucy lives near Stratford-Upon-Avon and shares her home with her cheeky but loveable Beagle, her young characterful Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla, her lovely TV watching Border Collie and the latest addition to the family a Border Collie puppy. She is also a fully qualified Kennel Club Good Citizen Gold level examiner, and an HTM KC judge to Advanced level. Her web-site is https://www.stratforddancingdogs.co.uk/

      • Moira Oakford – Mantrailing Specialist
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        Moira has worked with scent dogs (air scenting and mantrailing) for the past 12 years and was one of the first in the UK to train her own dog in mantrailing. She trained with some of the top Mantrailing experts in Europe and since then she has taught numerous other mantrailing dog and handler teams, including people who have since gone on to instruct mantrailing themselves. We are delighted to welcome Moira and her expertise as a guest member of our team and introduce Event Dogs to the wonderful world of mantrailing! Moira's web-site is https://mantrailingscentdogs.co.uk

      • Lorraine Rohland - Pet Dog Plus Specialist
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        Lorraine is a pet dog training specialist, who also has knowledge of a number of dog sports making training engaging and fun. She trained with Christina before taking over as ICC Hougham Centre Manager, later to become Lincs Dog Training but has been training dogs for over 40 years. Lorraine is kind and extremely patient with both dogs and people (!) and over the years has competed in agility, rally, breed showing and she currently competes in HTM. She is a member of the Association of Pet Dog trainers (APDT 01054) and her experience of training so many dogs over so many years means that you can trust her completely to help you and your dog learn, have fun and understand each other. She shares her home with Mally and Jade, her Australian Shepherd dogs and her web-site is http://www.lincsdogtraining.co.uk/index.html

      • Gemma Mogridge - Gun Dog / Canine Parkour Specialist
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        Gemma trained with Christina as part of the ICC Cambridge Team, and she has gone on to learn a lot since then too. She is a clicker gun dog trainer using kind methods of teaching dogs to work as gun dogs (whether they ever wish to work in the field or not.) She understands the natural behaviour of many different types of gun dog and how best to work with them from seeing them work in the field (very useful when they go self employed on walks!) and she is very happy to work with all breeds of dog in her gun dog workshops. She also teaches dog Parkour, using everyday obstacles to enrich your dog's life, whilst having fun and training together. We're delighted to be able to add these workshops to those we offer and we suspect they're likely to be very popular. Gemma is also a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT 01129)

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